The Pathway to Powerful

Within each moment of life’s mysterious journey lies a treasure waiting to be discovered. Immense and divine value resides even in those moments when we feel lacking, limited, or inhibited. The simple act of searching for value in any moment creates the opportunity to shift your perspective and find the pathway to your most powerful self.

In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her companions discovered that what they wanted most in life already existed within them. They decided to move towards a higher consciousness, fulfilling the dreams that they dared to dream. The wicked obstacles they faced along their path empowered them to transform fear, stress, and anxiety into discovering the resilience, love, and confidence.

What are the big dreams you dare to dream, but you haven’t taken action on yet? Circumstances of life change only by taking the first step towards your heart’s desire-this is your yellow brick road!

By choosing to take action on the big dreams for your life, the wholeness and innate vibrancy of your life is set in motion.  

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 5.45.18 PMWhen you make these types of critical life choices your heart begins to feel, your brain begins to know, and your will begins to courageously face and embrace the relentless fears of living and growing. Is it your job, a relationship, your lifestyle, or health that you’re ready to change?

Within you exists all the power you need to transform circumstances. Rest assure, there will be detractors along the way…flying monkeys, fields of poppy seeds, and green faced witches that will appear when you least expect it. Whenever these challenges arise, use the tools of becoming present, focusing on what it is you WOULD choose, create an intention and add the vibration of Infinite Love & Gratitude to all that you face.

You’ll discover a beautiful bright light that will gently guide you back to your yellow brick road…your pathway to powerful. And remember, “if happy little blue birds fly, beyond the rainbow, why of why can’t I?”

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