Sarit Weissman

Coo + Co-Founder

My passion for implementing effective, efficient and, creative systems to operate our business (and family) with more flow and fun is what drives me.My entry into The LifeLine Center began when we held our first LifeLine training in 2002 just before getting married, then self published the first edition of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude from an extra bedroom in our home while Darren cared for clients at what is now The LifeLine Wellness Center. In between building the LifeLine Course Program internationally and now in e-learning format, we’ve created our most valuable and incredible manifestation, our three children, Joya, Rumi, and Liam. I so love working with the fantastic LifeLine Center team and clients while our kids are in school, after which I turn back into mom-mode.

My LifeLine intention is:
I Am Creatively Focused Feeling Passionately Alive.

David Kaplan

Director Of Customer Relations / Lifeline U Program Specialist

I joined The LifeLine Center team in 2008 and became a Certified in The LifeLine Technique® in 2010. My goal in learning The LifeLine Technique® was to be able to support myself with the LifeLine work and, more than that, to be of support to students of the LifeLine Course Program. I’m honored to provide a helping hand to anyone who is inspired to learn the LifeLine because I know it empowers people to live life with action, confidently choosing love in the face of fear; healing and thriving become a natural by-product of incorporating the LifeLine. My early journey into the LifeLine family started with a direct connection to Dr. Darren as we’re cousins! My early passion for acting led me to The Theater School at DePaul University and Columbia College of Chicago, graduating in 2007 with a B.A. in Acting. I view acting as the study of the human condition, an opportunity to step outside of oneself and see through the perspective of another person’s eyes. I’m a native of the Chicago suburbs and currently live in Chicago.

My LifeLine intention is:
I am of service, feeling fulfilled and joy!

sharon faw martin

clp, master lifeline practitioner + lifeline business coach

Sharon Faw Martin has a decade of experience with the LifeLine Technique; certified as a Master LifeLine Practitioner, LifeLine Ambassador, LifeLine Affiliate, LifeLine Ignite Instructor, and LifeLine Business Coach. As a Master LifeLine Practitioner, Sharon is passionate about the transformational power of the LifeLine Technique. She personally applies these skills and uses this system to evolve and grow. Honored to serve as a practitioner with the LifeLine Wellness Center, she will skillfully guide you through the 16-step process of this incredible technique. Ready to create powerful change that will positively impact your life? Schedule a session and get started with Infinite Love and Gratitude!

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My LifeLine intention is:
I am Here Now feeling of service.

Jocelyn Harvey

clp, lifeline u coach, clp recertification practitioner

Phone in Australia: 0417 838 958

I became a Certified LifeLine Practitioner in February 2011 soon after completing my Counseling degree with honors. I have an integrated and holistic approach in my practice – Transform Within – with The LifeLine Technique at its core. I am a lover of personal and spiritual growth and committed to evolving healing paradigms on all levels. Teaching is in my genes – my Dad was a teacher for 20 years – and I was a highly successful Qualified Navigator Instructor in my Air Force career teaching basic students in the classroom, simulators and in flight. I have a real knack and love for helping students to fully grasp and understand The LifeLine Technique concepts so they can then apply them practically throughout the process. I believe that learning can be an empowering and fun experience. My Intention for LifeLine Technique Learners: My intention is to help you master The LifeLine Technique in a fun, supportive and empowering way. I will be your tutor, mentor and cheerleader along the way so you feel confident, believe in yourself, and enjoy your learning with an open mind and compassionate heart. You have infinite potential waiting to be tapped in the most beautiful way!

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My LifeLine intention is:
I am wisdom and clarity feeling inspiring.

Cindy Perloff

clp, lifeline u coach, clp recertification practitioner

Phone In the USA: (360) 951-6123

A warm welcome to all LifeLine Students! Everyone learns at their own pace and in their own unique ways. Whether you are committing to the courageous path of certification or not, it is MY focus to help you get “The LifeLine Technique Basics” under your belt so you have a working understanding and useful practice of these tools to bring out YOUR BEST in everyday life and relationships. I became a Certified LifeLine Practitioner in 2009 and have been tutoring LifeLine students all over the world ever since. I have served as a facilitator at most of Dr. Darren’s training courses in the USA because I enjoy learning as well as supporting individuals who choose to master their lives. You make a huge difference in this world and I’m happy you are on this LifeLine journey! Call me directly, or contact Dr. Darren’s office to schedule your tutoring sessions with me today…You’ll be happy that you did! I look forward to working with you.

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My LifeLine intention is:
I am a beautiful bridge feeling dynamic and sound.

Denise Dunn

clp, lifeline business coach

As a qualified life and business coach since 2010 with one of Australia’s leading coaching organizations and a CLP since 2012, my business coaching passion is helping clients to materialize their dreams in a variety of business enterprises. As a new CLP or if you’ve been a practitioner for a while, if your desire is to create an exponentially growing professional practice, you’ve got to take action. Not just any action, you got to take measured, tried and proven action. Sure, you can do it alone or you can take advantage of an ongoing relationship with someone specifically trained to help you. That’s where I step in. As your personal LifeLine Business Coach, I am side by side with you for 12 months of coaching using our specifically created LifeLine coaching program and The LifeLine Technique® as our blueprint. The results will fast track both you and your practice in establishing you as a highly recognized wellness professional while attracting your ideal client. Having journeyed through the LifeLine Business Coaching program myself, not only did I fast track my LifeLife business, I along with everyone in my inner hub witnessed exponential growth in all other areas of my life. Bonus! Even our catering business has grown and continues to grow, sometimes I feel I have to pinch myself to see if it’s real! I invite you to join me atwww.denisedunn.com.auto see, feel, and hear what my clients have to say about their coaching experience. Living and loving the LifeLine, the extra tools and strategies that I offer with my experience as a coach will both supercharge and propel you forward. As your coach, I offer a loving, caring, supportive and balanced approach using The LifeLine Technique® has the primary tool for growth. My primary focus for you is to: 1. Create and clarify what it is your heart truly desires in your LifeLine Practice. 2. Focus on your strengths and work through portals disguised as resistance or weaknesses. 3. Help you to be accountable for the goals you set and at the end of this 12-month process, for these to be measurable and successful. Email: dunnbydenise@gmail.com www.denisedunn.com.au My LifeLine business coaching intention is: I am the winds of change feeling gratitude

Jeffery Smith

clp, lifeline business coach

In a world of fear, uncertainty and stress your unique skill-sets has never been more valuable. Those who have chosen this path know that our heartfelt desire to help people is an unstoppable force. When you are committed and available, I will help you crystallize your vision and empower you to overcome any and all obstacles that might prevent you from achieving your professional goals. Along the way, I will help you find complimentary health professionals whose clients can also benefit from your energy and intelligence. This type of business co-creation will accelerate your ability to affect more lives and help grow the business you are passionate about. Being a health and wellness professional is a labor of love. It is not easy however you are never alone. The LifeLine community will be your ally all along the way. With all my heart and to the best of my abilities, I will support and advise you along the journey. “We rise by helping others.” (313) 980-9200

Ellen Garbarino

Graphic Designer + Clp

I am a graphic designer, document specialist, e-learning multi-media developer, writer and Photoshop fanatic. I am also a Martha Beck certified coach and an endorsed Mind Body coach. After becoming a CLP I brought my skills to The LifeLine Center as a designer and idea generator, while harboring a plan to put the training online. It’s a privilege to bring my design skills, knowledge of personal development and unique business ideas to expand the reach of the LifeLine Technique. If you are enjoying LifeLine U, hang onto your hat!