Jocelyn Harvey

Contact Information

  • Hornsby NSW, Australia
  • +61 417 838 958
  • jocelyn@transformwithin.com.au
  • www.transformwithin.com.au
  • Date of Original Certification : 2011
  • Date of Current Certification : 2018

Session Type

  • In Person
  • Skype/Zoom
  • Phone

Jocelyn is an integrative counsellor and coach, and founder of Transform Within, believing that true success comes from the inside out. Jocelyn is passionate about health & wellbeing and human potential – helping you to reclaim your power, voice and inner peace. In the last 7 years of practice, Jocelyn has helped many adults transform deep-seated stress, anxiety, depression and traumatic experiences – delivering life-changing results. She has developed a 6-month program – 5 Steps to Cool, Calm & Connected – to help, Mums in particular, resolve anxiety, panic and PTSD. Jocelyn also loves helping people develop personal leadership, which she calls ‘the heartbeat of your life.’ However, Jocelyn only ventured down this path after many challenging turning points of her own – due to a stressful 15-year career as a Navigator in the Royal Australian Air Force and a failing marriage after a series of challenging relationships. The stress left her anxious, depressed and occasionally suicidal with a number of chronic physical health issues. Those challenges inspired a mission of deep personal discovery and self-healing. Jocelyn took one vital step and reached out for support in the form of weekly LifeLine Technique coaching for 5 months, which changed the trajectory of her life. In 2011, Jocelyn was able to make the difficult choice to leave a marriage that wasn’t working, move country, leave a secure but stressful career, and open her practice – all within a 5-month period. Jocelyn is committed to helping you resolve the root cause of your challenges; understand the link between emotional, physical and mental health; and to utilise techniques and therapies that effectively bring about complete and profound change. With the goal of helping you to live an empowered, authentic, enriched life being true to yourself and feeling love, confidence and joy. Jocelyn is a cross between inspiring teacher, energetically-sensitive intuitive, and a uniquely trained, compassionate counsellor and coach. Today, Jocelyn’s vision is to live in a world where Mums feel comfortable in their skin, being bold leaders of their life dreams and inspired curators of enriched family experiences. Where being a calm, confident and feminine mother and woman is valued and appreciated and provides core stability for the whole family to thrive. Infinite love & gratitude..


Degree-qualified Counsellor, Certified LifeLine Practitioner, Certified LifeLine Master Coach, Certified Nutripuncture Practitioner, Reiki practitioner

Some about me

I am happily married to a beautiful Italian man, living on the edge of gorgeous Australian bush in the north of Sydney, Australia. My personal mission is to be the best version of myself every day to support, empower and inspire others to express their fullest potential, and to consciously contribute to the evolution and loving unity of humanity.