Lilia Thuler

Contact Information

  • 6442 N Mozart street Chicago IL 60645
  • 312 934 9959
  • lilia@pegasusholistic.com
  • pegasusholistic.com
  • Date of Original Certification : 12/04/2015
  • Date of Current Certification : 12/18/2017

Session Type

  • In person
  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Phone

I love to help people to remember who they really are - Divine beings. I feel deep compassion for anyone who is finding this earthly experience difficult, and I am passionate about helping them find their path, ease their struggles, and relearn to see their beautiful essence. .

If you have a deep yearning to make a difference in the world, here’s what I can do to help you:

I am Russian, and I have been living in Switzerland since I was 12. It has been 3 years I live in Chicago with my husband and three sons. I discovered my calling for healing in my twenties, and ever since, I have been reading, learning and studying modalities and courses that I feel I am called to know to help people around me. The Lifeline technique was fundamental my deep healing , awakening to the Light within me, and teaching me how to teach others to see their own Light. I am continuing my journey making a positive impact in the lives of those who are earning for a breakthrough and inner peace. in my sessions, I use various tools and modalities to help my clients improve their physical and emotional health, overcome anxiety and mild to moderate depression, shock, fear, phobia, addiction. I use TFT meridian tapping technique, The Lifeline Technique, transformational coaching, Bach Flower remedies, and holistic medicine. I conduct my sessions in English, French or Russian.


CLP, TFT Adv, BSc (Holistic Medicine), BBA

Some about me

I am a mom of three boys, so if accountability, discipline and a lot of love is what you are looking for- I am there for you! :)