Mario Tomas Lawrence

Contact Information

  • c/ de la Rioja 11, 2C derecha Madrid, Spain
  • 913292575
  • mario.indigo@gmail.com
  • https://harmonious-balance.com/
  • Date of Original Certification : 06/23/2013
  • Date of Current Certification : 12/07/2017

Session Type

  • In person
  • or Skype or similar online video call program

I started training in natural medicine and holistic therapies in 2010, in search for the key understanding to how health works and how to support our journey into balance, optimal health and thriving in the world. After training in different modalities I found the LifeLine Technique and felt it was exactly what I had been looking for. I became a CLP in 2013 and continued to gather experience and expand my understanding of personal balance and new ways of supporting it and helping others find their balance..

If you have a deep yearning to make a difference in the world, here’s what I can do to help you:

Seeking to understand health, how imbalances are created and how to heal them, I started on the path of natural medicine and holistic practices in 2010, training to be a therapist in an energy healing technique called Energy Polarisation, which went into depth with our energy physiology and field, the chakras, and energy flow. From there I learned all about pathogens and how they resonate with magnetism in a course of Biomagnetism, which I studied twice with two different teachers. I felt I still hadn't found the heart of the matter of health and I came across the LifeLine Technique and Darren Weissman. With it I finally felt that my search had become realised. I learned the LifeLine Technique and became certified in 2013, in what I feel is what I'd been seeking my entire life. To learn and start understand life on a deep level, and be of service and help others create harmony and thrive in their lives. I continued expanding and created a new healing modality called Energy Field Healing and deep healing sessions called Personal Redesign sessions, in addition to my LifeLine Technique practice. I am also in the process of developing 5 courses for personal development and expansion. I'm passionate about helping others thrive and support the world transforming into a rose garden of peace, through inner peace.


Certified LifeLine Practitioner, Biomagnetism therapist, successful completion of various courses in personal development: Mastering Silence, Deepening Silence, Pioneers of Consciousness, Acceptance, Physical Development, Cellular Enlightenment and Spiritual Fitness. Currently training in Life Coaching.

Some about me

I'm passionate about Nature and doing things in alignment with Nature. I love walking, meditating and developing new ideas, as well as healthy delicious nutrition and tea.