Reach the Finish Line – Keep Promises to Yourself

Make A Decision to Finish

We get going with most projects without having a blueprint of how to proceed.  We do promises in that same fashion. Whenever you start something in your life, you need to acknowledge that you want to finish it mentally. That’s the very first step in completing what you start, allowing yourself to be mentally prepared when it comes to making decisions and giving over the will to finish.

The LifeLine Experience helps promote dedication and committments within ourselves.  When we mentally commit to finishing a project all of our actions are aimed towards the end goal that we have mentally fueled ourselves with!  So how are you going to complete the promises that you’ve made to youself?

Map It Out

Creating a plan of attack is one of the guaranteed ways to complete a project. After you have mentally committed to finishing you have to then work towards that end goal. The best way to do that is by creating a sequence of steps that you are committed to following. Make each step smooth and attainable. Some people have even gone so far as to breaking it down into when they need to take a mental break from a project.

Meet Deadlines / Follow Through

It’s one thing to map something out it’s another thing to follow through. Once you’ve created this beautiful path and committed mentally to finishing this project, take it one step at a time. Never think about the next level think about how you can defeat the current step now. Give your all and do your best and the next goal you’ve set will be a breeze to go through. When you begin to gain the confidence that you deserve in demolishing these tasks, it’s essential that you bask in the glory of it. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your accomplishments. Projects that require extra effort for the output show that you deserve everything you’re going to gain.

Kill the Final Lap

So, we’ve made it to the home round, and we are ready to fly across the finish line completely. No? Have you made it this far and begun to look back and question it? Let’s focus on all the things you have already done to complete this task:

  • You Mentally Committed to Yourself – you made a promise to yourself that you would finish. If you would break an agreement/promise with yourself what’s the point of making them to anyone else?
  • You Mapped It Out – You made goals to achieve this. You prepared for every opportunity that could potentially come your way. Why would you let those opportunities go uncounted for by giving up?
  • You Met the Deadlines – Look you have already done so much work and put in so much effort that the end goal is now the reward and the prize. Don’t you deserve to finish what you’ve started?
  • You Are About to Kill the Final Lap – You are looking right at the finish line, why not lay it to rest the way you have all of the tasks that you’ve already conquered?
  • Celebrate Your Success
    So, you decided to move forward, good for you. You kept promises to yourself and added to your mental resume. Another thing in the books and now it’s time to celebrate. That’s it go ahead and bask in your glory and all it’s worth. Show the world who can be dependable and committed.

We’re proud of you!