Make A Routine for A Happier Life

What Is A Routine?

Routines are healthy habits that are structured and organized in a way that allows for healthier living. Routines are capable of influencing how healthy and productive we become and also help us cut down on the unnecessary tasks. Routines help the brain conform to a peculiar pattern. It reduces stress for the body and promotes general health and alertness.  When you can commit to completing your routine, you are fulfilling a commitment to yourself.

Why Is Routine Important?

We talk about routine because of its impact on our lives. Being able to identify specific moments within your day can help breakdown specific moments that make you happy as well as those that make you sad. Which part of your routine do you least enjoy? Is there a way you can alter it or include things that you do enjoy? Asking yourself these questions allow for more insight into your days, and ultimately to your happiness.

What Are The Benefits of A Routine?

Benefits of having a routine:
• Routines lessen anxiety and stress: routines are predictable, so you’ll know what’s going to happen next and how you to go about it.
• When you follow a routine, you don’t have to think about the next line of action consciously; instead, they flow to you naturally.
• Increases security and safety: routines ensure that there are no surprises and offers stability. When everything you want to do is predictable, cognitive and memory issues become easy.
• Aid sleep: doing the necessary things at the same time every day improves the quality of sleep you get.

Basic Routines You Can Adopt

Some basic health routines that you can adopt or incorporate into an existing one include:
• Waking up in the morning without using stimulants to enforce it.
• Eating of breakfast before proceeding out of the house.
• Organize your work days to give room for relaxation better.
• Make use of task expansions to eliminate difficult tasks.
• Step up your exercise routine.
• Spend fewer hours doing chores: despite the necessity of errands, you don’t have to spend all day doing them.

Let’s Start A Routine

Evident as it may be that routines come in handy in improving your mental and general health, they do not have to be too rigid. Allow a little of flexibility into your routine, perhaps on special days or days that you might be feeling under the weather. Adding this lifestyle change into your daily habits will help you determine the balance in your life more effectively. You will learn so much about yourself and that will help you on your path to happiness.

Action Items

  1. Create a routine for Monday. Start by mapping out your goals for the day and create a schedule for how you will accomplish each.
  2. Respect your schedule. Commit to yourself, that you will follow through with your plan to attack Monday!