Heal, Regenerate, BE WHOLE – A Week of Dedicated Self-Love

Heal – The Journey to Understanding “I AM ENOUGH”

Every day there is a comparison made. It’s so granular to the point of us comparing ourselves to other people. We were each divinely made and equipped with the necessary tools to sustain life. We each have a unique path that we are destined to fulfill. The need to accomplish something is NOT the same for everyone. Therefore you are not fighting the same battles or even competing for the same thing. Understanding that you are conquering the struggles that you were MADE to deal with, not them.

Remind yourself of your individual story. Tell yourself over and over again what you have been through! Invest in yourself to the point that you can recall every moment of your life and the triumphant actions you take to get through it. Understand that you have been ENOUGH every time you have gotten through something. You are ENOUGH!

Forgiving Yourself For Your Past

“Willingness to change is my path to inner peace. I am now ready and safe to forgive.” – Dr. Darren

We understand you have made some mistakes in the past. Some can be terrible or maybe just some you regret. NOBODY will beat you up harder than you have beaten yourself. The willingness to change is my path to inner peace. I am now ready and safe to forgive. Forgiving myself is one of the first steps to self-love, and you must be willing to take it.

Because of the commitment that we begin making in this program we can overcome the negatives that we accidentally HELP form against us — no more bad decisions when we are involved because we are searching for things that benefit our morale. When we begin to put ourselves first, we begin to see life unfolding in a whole new way.

Heal, Regenerate, BE WHOLE

Every cell in your body and each relationship in your life is designed to heal, regenerate and be whole. – Dr. Darren

With forgiveness now being second nature and understanding that you are enough, you have completed the first two portions of healing and regeneration. Being whole comes from making these permanent everyday factors that you hold close. Filling your life with choices you’ve made and people you’ve hand-picked to share this life with you.

To feel whole, you have to continuously fill your life with love, peace, and progressive energy. This means that you will have to understand yourself and be confident in the person you want to be. When you can let go of everything that wasn’t meant for you and everything that causes you sadness or pain, you have chosen yourself and self-love is beginning to radiate throughout you.

“I have a greater awareness of myself, patterns and trigger. There has been a transformative shift, a lighter heart that embraces all aspects of life with love and trusts my intuition. More self-confidence.” – Kathleen Brezina

Action Plan

1. Self-Reflection: Tell yourself your story. Remind yourself of all of the portions of your life where you had to depend on yourself. Remind yourself of how it’s over now and remember what you had to do to get through it.

2. Talk to your close friends and loved ones about how they show their self-love. This will get them thinking and also allow you to hear how other people feel about their process as well.