Embracing Life with An Attitude of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, throughout the United States of America, people are celebrating a story – as in many stories – that is misunderstood and incomplete. Nonetheless, we carry on, doing what we’ve always done, based upon what we’ve known, getting what we’ve always got – wearing a mask with a smile as we do our best to disguise or hide the emotional pain that lives within.

As has been said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” While there may have been a convening between Native Americans and the newly arriving Pilgrims, the story as promoted today is a stretch. The complete story can be found in the ruins of our history and the landscape of our modern day broken hearts and struggling souls. Reactive patterns of shame, greed, disrespect, violence, and dishonor have lived and continue to live between people of different races, religions, countries, politics, sexual orientation, and the list goes on and on.

We are divided. In our separation, we perpetuate a struggle that has and will continue to lead to suffering. Only through honest recognition and acknowledgment of where we are right now, will be able to awaken and discover the power of love within each of us to heal, grow, and evolve. World peace is discovered through inner peace.

Pain, fear, and stress is a gift in strange wrapping paper. These days – our own and the world we are a part of – we have an overflowing amount of gifts in strange wrapping paper. Unwrapping these gifts will require a new way of using gratitude. It is love in action and I call it the Gratitude Action Potential (The GAP).  The GAP is all about putting the potential of gratitude into action when we are in a moment of pain, fear, and stress.

The GAP or perceived separation that exists in our world today is dynamic and propagated by our subconscious mind. We have bought into generational limiting beliefs and taken them on as our own. The consequence of believing these limiting beliefs and generational patterns is we live a lie, keeping us stuck in the groundhog day news of mass shootings, domestic violence, and addiction . . . an internal and external war where no one wins.

The act of expressing appreciation, such as saying, thank you, symbolizes the value an experience has had for you. Without this acknowledgment, moments in life lack meaning, and your trials and tribulations appear as if they’d occurred by coincidence or random acts. However, nothing in life is accidental. We are one and there is a field of energy that connects all of creation. The attitude of gratitude expands our view of an experience beyond the “self” to an infinite perspective of possibilities and potential, thereby breaking through the bond of suffering and victimization.

I know it’s easier said than done, but the attitude that you have toward any experience is a choice. You can always view the cup as half full or half empty. The most courageous way to move through life is by choosing to find the good and deeper meaning in every instant. Rather than surrendering to emotions of negativity and despair as the end all be all, choose to say, “Thank you for this gift in strange wrapping paper.” Consciously, creatively,  and courageously choose to embrace the pain, fear, and stress of life with the attitude of gratitude. Dig deep and lean in. The infinite potential of gratitude lives within you! You are way more capable and confident than you’ve ever given yourself credit. Accepting pain,  fear, and stress as an opportunity immediately begins an alchemic and transformational process.

The next greatest version of you and our world awaits us. You are not alone. You’re making a huge difference when you choose to put the attitude of gratitude into action. By embracing life with gratitude, you ’re contributing to raising the consciousness in humanity.

It’s time. We’ve got this!

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude ~

Dr. Darren