Are You Choosing Love

Love Lights Our Darkest Nights.

In each of our lives, we will experience love through something. It can be through another individual, a career, a pet the sky is the limit. The famous phrase “love is blind” focuses on the fact that when you love unconditionally, negativity soars right past you. Love allows you to only see the good in something outside of the flaws that may be more upfront. While we can focus on the negatives that come from being that open, the positives are what the purpose of life encompasses.

What Are The Positives?

Unconditional love works wonders when it’s reciprocated between two parties. When both parties are open and able to say to themselves “My body speaks my mind, my body is a reflection of my mind, my relationships are an expression of my mind, my behaviors are a reflection of my mind.”

Choose Love In The Face Of Fear

Love works subconsciously when it’s genuine and done right. Our body acts as a showcase of love for us through all facets, even when we’re not paying attention. Think about a time where you have been hurt, down low, and felt the feeling of being alone. When it was time for you to emerge from the darkness, your walls weren’t completely down. Your subconscious mind mentally and emotionally protected you from certain things that could bring you that same heartache.

Now regardless of if the heartache were to occur again, you were never intentionally trying to give yourself these emotions, the love for yourself subconsciously built those walls to enforce protection and self-worth. Love can be a scary thing, but it’s the right thing to do in the face of fear.

“More than anything, above all, and in the very first instance, choosing love has to do with loving the self and because of this love having developed the firm inner conviction that you can deal with any of the cards that life throws you.” –Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

Action Items

  • When you face a battle, ask yourself – am I choosing love?
  • Prepare yourself mentally by providing self-awareness to your being. Are you your best self? Are you acting on emotion and not out of love?
  • When in doubt, trust your body. Breathe and shut off your mind. Align your spirit with your body and heart. What does your body tell you to do once you’ve come to peace with yourself?