Lifeline Ignite

In this online introductory course, you will gain skills to intentionally process your emotions and activate your own mind medicine for optimal health, balance, and purpose. The process is simple, powerful, and a consistently effective way for creating a daily practice for self-mastery and owning your power. LifeLine Ignite is an introductory course for learning the beginning manifestation steps of The LifeLine Technique®.
Imagine the stressful and painful circumstances of your life as well as the physical and emotional symptoms of your body as portals into the next greatest version of yourself. What would you be capable of achieving having a confident mindset and tools to change the subconscious programs that have been keeping you limited, struggling, and stressed?
Your body speaks your mind. Every relationship in your life is an outer reflection of subconscious beliefs. Perceiving failure and frustration as a feedback is just the beginning. Having a daily practice for creating mind medicine takes you from having dreams to living your dreams. Get ready to change the reactive patterns in your mind and body. It’s time to live an intentional life.

Benefits The LifeLine Ignite include:

  • Be guided through 6 Learning Modules with Videos and Narrated Slides for manifesting your own mind medicine to activate the body’s ability to heal.
  • Create a quick & natural daily practice for transforming anxiety, anger, frustration, and fear into joy, gratitude, and self-love.
  • How to view problems of life as a portal to the next greatest version of your mind, body, relationships, and future.
  • A 10-minute process for enhancing high self-esteem and creating amazing confidence.

LifeLine Ignite includes:

  • LifeLine Ignite includes:
  • The pre-recorded LifeLine Ignite webinar series taught by Dr. Darren
    Weissman, developer of The LifeLine Technique®
  • LifeLine Ignite Client Session Sheet
  • LifeLine Ignite Quicksteps
  • Access to the private LifeLine Ignite Facebook Group