Lifeline Healing Circle

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We are all One.

Just as you take time to go to the gym to exercise your body, it’s just as important – if not more – to exercise your mind. The LifeLine Healing Circle will help you to create and manifest emotional strength and resilience in how you think and feel about yourself and the world you are a part of. By participating in The LifeLine Healing Circle, you’ll discover flexibility and flow to handle stress, and even more, change the reactive patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

Everything and everyone is interconnected.

There is an intelligent field of energy that connects all of creation. This field guides the stars as well as the cells of our body. Accessing and activating this wisdom holds the power to evoke our fullest and greatest potential in every area of our life.

With The LifeLine Healing Circle, you will join conscious seekers and passionate people from all around the world in an online webinar format where you’ll be guided through the LifeLine process. The LifeLine Healing Circle will empower and inspire you to create real and deep change – on a subconscious level – that not only enhances the health of your body, but activates a whole new level of inner confidence, peace, and purpose.

We are all healing from something. No one is immune from pain or fear. Life happens and then it’s our job to move through – the best we can – the painful and scary experiences we face. Oftentimes this is much easier said than done.

You are worth it and so are your relationships!

Within you exists a beautiful, empowered, and passionate version of yourself. Within you exists the will to fulfill your passion and dreams. Within you exists the power to face exactly what is going on in your life. Within you is a spirit of Pure Love.

Choosing to participate in The LifeLine Healing Circle will not only  create a deeper state of health and balance in your own body and life, but it will also help raise the consciousness of humanity. By choosing to shine in your own life, you become a light in the world. You become a light that empowers others to know they too can shine. We look forward to being with you on the next LifeLine Healing Circle.

 LIVE every Tuesday at 6pm CST (Chicago)!

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  • You’ll be guided to create your own individual intention while experiencing a group LifeLine session with people from countries all around the world.
  • Commit yourself every week to Optimal Health, Balance, and Purpose by making The LifeLine Healing Circle a spiritual practice.

If you are unable to participate LIVE that is okay!

  • Each sessions is available for replay for 30 days after the LIVE broadcast.
  • Listen and participate at a time that is convenient for you.
  • You will receive the same benefits from the session whether or not you are on LIVE or listening to the re-broadcast or download.
  • Whether you are working with a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, studying to become one, or have never experienced The LifeLine Technique® for yourself, the Healing Circle creates a LifeLine to support you in living a life of optimal health, balance, and purpose.