LifeLine Experience

Interactive online learning + Live Webinars
Taught by Dr. Darren Weissman
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This extraordinary online and live webinar journey takes you on a deep dive into learning the 16 steps of The LifeLine Technique® with Dr. Darren Weissman. Developed in 2002, The LifeLine Technique® is a 16 step process based on 14 healing modalities that serve as the basis of this life-affirming process. Each week you will participate in live interactive webinars taught by Dr. Darren.

You’ll learn and evolve your LifeLine skills and practice through shared participation with LifeLiners from around the world. Each webinar and module builds upon one another as you gain insightful tips, tools, and strategies for living your life with conscious intention.  Dr. Darren is a passionate teacher who loves to share his life’s work and empower his students to shine.

Connect with an amazing community of like-minded and like-hearted people.

Immerse yourself in every aspect of this profound and powerful life-changing technique to promote optimal health, balance, and purpose.

Benefits of the LifeLine Experience course include:

  • Experience a deep dive into learning The LifeLine Technique® with the developer himself,  Dr. Darren Weissman.
  • Share your LifeLine journey with beautiful people from all around the world all in the comfort of your own home.
  • Have 24-hour lifetime access to all online content.
  • Rewatch videos and listen to narrated slides to ensure understanding and maximize mastery of concepts and application.
  • All live webinars are recorded in case you’re unable to attend live.
  • Be inspired and supported by your fellow students whose diverse background and purpose for taking LifeLine reflect the infinite applications of the LifeLine technology.
  • Create a discipline for manifesting mind medicine . . . Once you know LifeLine you’ll forever be able to apply it to every aspect of your life.
  • You’ll have access to a private LifeLine U Facebook group for support, community, and inspiration.
  • A great step along your evolutionary journey to living life with passion, purpose, and meaning.

The new student LifeLine Tool Kit includes:

  • LifeLine Colour Therapy Glasses (7 Chakra glasses with case)
  • The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart Poster (Digital Download)
  • The LifeLine Technique® Travel Flow Chart (Digital Download))
  • 5 Elements Travel Emotion Charts (Digital Download))
  • B.O.M.B – Bring Out My Best Poster (Digital Download))

Your LifeLine Journey


Online. On Demand LifeLine Technique® Learning


  • 24 weeks of LIVE + recorded webinars taught by Dr. Darren Weissman
  • 16 Multimedia Online Modules + Educational Material
  • Learning Celebrations throughout the Modules
  • Access to LifeLine U Private Facebook Group, to connect with other students + support
  • LifeLine Tool Kit (for new students)
    • The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart Poster (Digital Download)
    • The LifeLine Technique® Travel Flow Chart (Digital Download)
    • LifeLine Colour Therapy Glasses 
    • 5 Elements Emotions Chart (Digital Download)               
    • B.O.M.B – Bring Out My Best Poster (Digital Download)


Become a Certified LifeLine Practitioner

Includes Everything in LifeLine Experience PLUS

  • 3 Day IN-PERSON Course – LifeLine Bootcamp
  • 3 Day IN-PERSON Course – Living the LifeLine
  • Celebration of Learning – Certification


  • 1 Year of Weekly LifeLine Healing Circles (Value=$936)
  • LifeLine Ignite E-Learning Course (Value=$89)
  • 50% Discount for 5 LifeLine Sessions with Dr. Darren Weissman (Value=$875)
  • How to Build your LifeLine Business in 90 Days business course (Value=$250)
  • Includes a 38% savings



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