Lifeline Business Coaching

Welcome! You are here for a reason. This program is designed to help you take your life and your business to a whole new level.
You are on the brink of an amazing journey.

365 days of heartfelt intentional living will create breakthroughs for you in so many ways.
Your LifeLine business coach will help you plan and implement new business strategies.

Your LifeLine business coach with keep you lovingly accountable to meet your highest aspirations and passions.

As a Certified LifeLine Practitioners, we humbly say, “Infinite Love & Gratitude for all that you’ve done and all that you are going to do.
You are making a huge difference in the world & we are infinitely grateful for you!

What Are Some of the Benefits of The LifeLine
Business Coaching Program?

  • Customized Coaching to Meet Your Individual Needs
  • Create Core Business Growth
  • Enhance Your Professional & Personal Development
  • Deepen Your Connection to The LifeLine Community
  • Build Your Business with Clarity and Vision
  • Manifest New Clients
  • Improve Your Organization & Communication Skills
  • Increase Your Self Confidence

1 Year of Coaching Includes:

  • The primary tools for creating your LifeLine business are The LifeLine Technique® and our How to Build Your LifeLine Business in 90 Days course.
  • The CLP commits to 90 LifeLine sessions in 90 days. These can be self-sessions or working with others to create opportunity and explore the portals to your growth.
  • In the first meeting, the coach will run a LifeLine session with the CLP to set
    the intention for the year. This intention will anchor the CLP to the goals that they will set for themselves in this process.
  • In the first 90 Days (12 weeks/3 months of the program) the coach andthe CLP meet 1.5 hours each week.
  • For the remaining 9 months, the coach and the CLP will meet each month 1 hour per month. This time will be spent working on your goals based on
    where you are on your journey. Time will be flexible and based on meeting
    individual goals.

Three coaches are available:

  • Sharon Faw, CLP, located in North Carolina, EST
  • Denise Dunn, CLP, located Adelaide AUS, ACST
  • Jeffrey Smith, CLP, located in Michigan, EST



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