Intention Statement

DailyBombIt is The LifeLine Center’s intention and passion to guide clients and students to live fully in the present moment and to assist their bodies ability to heal and their relationships to thrive. With The LifeLine Technique® Flowchart, Muscle Reflex Testing, and the Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude, clients and students are able to learn a practical and easy to use tool for processing subconscious emotions that have been causing them to feel stuck, stressed and to struggle in life.

The LifeLine Center serves people of all ages and emotional and physical health circumstances. We seek to work with clients who are open and willing to approach health challenges as portals to a new way to care for the body and perceived relationship failures and breakdowns as feedback to create deep personal change.

Knowing and applying The LifeLine Technique empowers people to live life with intention and action, confidently choosing love in the face of fear so that healing is a natural by-product to reconnect, balance and thrive.