Day 1 Stop Numbing Yourself with Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, and Work.

There’s a power whose magnificence is everywhere. Look for it in every moment: in the sun, the rain, and children playing. Listen for it all around you . . . from the depths of silence to the crescendo of a symphony. Inhale a fragrant field of flowers and the freshness of a newborn baby . . . its scent will transform your very soul. Every experience with this power brings you closer to your most authentic self, to the source of the Divine that’s within all of us. It’s in the essence of every moment . . . it’s Infinite Love & Gratitude.

Make this year different than all of the rest.

Stop numbing yourself with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, and work. Breakthrough the reactive pattern of empty relationships and unfulfilled promises. See Feel and Hear fear, anger, loneliness, and judgment as a path to your most magnificent life. It’s in you to shine! You have what it takes. Be more courageous than you’ve ever been. You Can Do This! Infinite Love & Gratitude is Your Nature!

Begin your healing journey now. Breakthrough your comfort zone into your Awesomeness! Let go of the belief that the state of your health – discomfort, dis-ease, and dysfunction – is just “the nature of life.” Surrender the guilty conviction that chronic illness is the price you must pay for sowing “wild oats”. It’s time to kick it into gear. This is your year!

Release the thought, feeling, and belief that health is reserved only for the young and that aches and pains are a sign you’re “getting old.” Popping pills receiving injections, or submitting to unnecessary surgeries are only temporary stopgaps. You may poke your fingers in a dam that’s sprung multiple leaks, but eventually there will be an overflow, and the health that your were fighting so hard to preserve will be lost. Love Heals. Begin with LOVING yourself first and fully.

Thomas Edison, the great American innovator, inventor, and creative thinker, once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” There’s no failures in life when you do your best and own your power – just the opportunity to learn lessons that will keep you on a course to achieve your highest goals: optimal health, dignity, happiness, and peace of mind. You Matter! Give it your all!

The process of healing is a spiritual journey – the evolutionary path to awakening your spirit. Make it fun! Just remember: At the moment you choose to own your power and feel, you’ve already succeeded . . . Imagine yourself healed. Imagine yourself wealthy. Imagine yourself as your very best. Now do what ever needs to be done to align yourself with the greatness – Infinite Love & Gratitude – that’s already within you! You’ve waited your entire life for this time. Let’s do this!

“I AM Infinite Love & Gratitude Feeling _______!”

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~
Dr. Darren

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