The goal of this business course is to support Certified LifeLine Practitioners in creating a thriving LifeLine practice. In this module, you will develop and design your LifeLine business in 90 days. This course will support you in creating your intentions for your business and to manifest your individual business goals. In this course, you will use The LifeLine Technique®, as the tool to dive deep into developing your LifeLine mission and vision statements while gaining an understanding of the basics of setting up your LifeLine business. This course includes an overview of insurance needs, a review of practitioner standards, general guidelines for record keeping, recommendations for your fee structure, and management of business accounts.In addition, you will set 30, 60, & 90 day goals by using The LifeLine Technique® as a tool to discover and grow to your fullest potential while creating prosperity and an abundant flow for your LifeLine business.

Benefits of How to Build Your LifeLine Business in 90 Days:

  • Create a thriving LifeLine practice by using The LifeLine Technique® as the ultimate tool for business growth and development.
  • Manifest and attract new LifeLine clients through enhanced market strategies to create a referral engine for your business.
  • A Private Facebook Group to inspire and support your journey of creating a thriving LifeLine business.
  • Develop 30, 60, & 90 day goals and benchmarks for creating and expanding your LifeLine business.
  • Manage your business through the development of step by step action plans to create and expand growth.

How to Build Your LifeLine Business in
90 Days online course includes:

  • Clickable New Client Intake Form with consent for
  • CLP rack card for promotion of your LifeLine
  • Recommended Business Resource listing
  • Recommended Liability Insurance options for
    Certified LifeLinePractitioners
  • Scenic Overview form for clients to track overall progress
  • Clickable 30, 60, & 90-day checklist to track your progress
  • LifeLine Intention form to track your daily progress



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