Certified LifeLine Practitioner Recertification

The goal of recertification is for you to feel confident in your LifeLine skills when working with yourself, family, friends, and clients. The following is a listing of overall general skills that the Certified LifeLine Practitioner is asked to demonstrate when participating in the recertification process.

Steps for Certified LifeLine Practitioner Re certification

  • Provide a 1.5-hour LifeLine session with a CertifiedLifeLine Practitioner scheduled through The LifeLine Center.
  • This session is performed via Skype, ZOOM, or video conference.
  • CLPs are required to demonstrate the 16 steps of The LifeLine Technique® and use of LifeLine language based on The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart, current educational materials and will be evaluated based on the re certification check list.
  • Once you have completed the recertification process, you will receive your recertification certificate.
  • Recertification must be completed by December 31st ofthe recertification year.
  • Recertification is valid for 2 years.
  • Proof of current liability insurance will be provided to The LifeLine Center to complete the recertificationprocess.

Recertification Support

  • All CLP’s will receive a recertification check list of all skills needed to successfully recertify.
  • All CLP’s will receive an updated LifeLine Technique manual indigitalformat.

Optional Support

  • One-On-One Coaching Preparation
    • 1hour coachingsessionsare available withNikki Bruhn,CLP or Katrina Heuskes, CLP: cost $80.
    • Email Kelly Achenbach at kelly@demo.thelifelinecenter.com toschedule.
  • The LifeLine Learning Center highly recommends and strongly encourages all practitioners to purchase LifeLine Experience and participate in the LifeLine HealingCircle in preparation forrecertification.

If additional celebration is needed for recertification:

  • CLP’swillhaveapproximately3monthsfromthedateofthe recertificationsessionto complete the recertification process. If recertification is not completed, then additional steps will be recommended for successful completion.
  • Additional Options
    • Coaching: $80 per session to work on areas for improvement with review. Then the celebration will be scheduled within 3 months from initial session.
    • Cost: $87.50 per additional recertification session.

Benefits of recertification include:

  • Slow, Steady, & Confident use your LifeLine skills
  • Update your  LifeLine language to guide your client
  • Ability to tell the story using the language in The LifeLine Technique® manual
  • Ability to hold a space
  • Ability to bridge the practical steps and the story of The LifeLine Technique for the individual client session
  • Demonstration, explanation, and use of self-muscle reflex testing for remote session
  • Ability to perform a video conference based session via ZOOM or Skype (CLP will set up a free account)

Recertification includes:

  • The LifeLine Technique® manual
  • Recertification checklist with LifeLine language highlighting the 16 steps of The LifeLine Technique®