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Numbing with Addictions

Begin where you are to ignite the process of change. 

I invite you to take inventory of where and when you may be numbing yourself with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, entertainment, work, or any other form of numbing that takes you away from the present moment. Rate each area on a scale from 0 (not at all) to 10 (extreme imbalance). This is the first step to breakthrough the reactive patterns of disconnection from your authentic essence…who you desire to be.

See, Feel, and Hear any fear, anger, loneliness, and judgment associated with these habits as a path to your most magnificent life. It’s in you to shine! You have what it takes. Be more courageous than you’ve ever been.

Are you ready to begin your healing journey now?

Breakthrough your comfort zone into your AWESOMENESS! Let go of the belief that the state numbing patterns that often lead to discomfort, dis-ease, and dysfunction are too hard of habits to break. It’s time to kick it into gear. This is your year!

Thomas Edison, the great American innovator, inventor, and creative thinker, once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

There are no failures in life when you do your best and own your power – just the opportunity to learn lessons that will keep you on a course to achieve your highest goals: optimal health, dignity, happiness, and peace of mind. You matter!

The process of healing is a spiritual journey – the evolutionary path to awakening your spirit. Make it fun! Just remember: At the moment you choose to own your power and feel, you’ve already succeeded.

Imagine yourself shifting unhealthy habits. Imagine yourself as your very best. Now do whatever needs to be done to align yourself with the greatness that’s already within you!

Let’s do this.

Please comment below on what patterns you’re ready to shift.

INTENTION: “I AM Infinite Love & Gratitude Feeling _______!”

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~
Dr. Darren

Turn Your Problems into Portals

It’s time to turn your problems into portals! Your heart is an epic emotional barometer, constantly picking up and reacting to the energy of its environment. Your most intimate relationships as well as most far-out random thoughts send signals of either flow and grow or stress and no go. How you digest food is directly related to how you digest emotions.

Emotional patterns are etched in the lines of your fingerprints and forehead. The inflections of your voice are either monotone or a harmonic convergence of the greatness within YOU. Stand up taller! Change your shame and judgment posture into full and deep breaths of Joy and Jubilance. It’s time to take a leap!

Whether people are near or far – like a marionette – there are heart strings being pulled based upon how you accept or resist your emotional flow. Stress isn’t what’s wrong . . . Stress is a signal for YOU to courageously leap heart first into the abyss of a New You. Go for it! Stop the tug o war and begin a journey of intuition and inner peace. Use the emotions that have been ruling you to shoot for the moon. Nurture your energy as energy is your nature. Leap and the net will appear!

In the words of Michael Jordan, “I didn’t come here to be average.” Celebrate the fantastic details of your body and the many facets of your ever-evolving life. Life is Amazing! Know that you can live both meaningfully and on purpose. You have the power to reconnect to the miracle and blessing of your life. Look for signs and signals of the eternal and infinite. Practice breathing. Be mindful of your posture and subtle movements. Feel the energy of your thoughts and words. Be aware of your awareness. Dig deep into the invisible you . . . It is here you’ll discover your most authentic self. Trust. Love knows the way. You’ve got this!

“I Am Taking A Small Step Into The New Me Feeling ______!”

Keep shining bright!

With Infinite Love & Gratitude~
Dr. Darren