From Addiction
I Am A Child of God
Feeling Powerful Beyond Measure

The human body is wired for addiction.There were approximately 20.6 million people in the United States over the age of 12 with an addiction in 2011. These statistics and consequences are staggering, and even more devastating, on the rise. A fact that many people aren’t aware of is the chemicals in our body that are a result of our emotions – neuropeptides – bind to the same receptor sites as heroin.  On one level or another, addiction is a part of everybody’s life.Let’s get one thing straight, addiction is not a choice. No one grows up wanting to be addicted to anything or anyone. Like cancer or autoimmune disease, It’s a reaction. When addiction is triggered, emotionally reactive patterns instantaneously impact our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Our emotions take on a mind of there own and we become self-defeating and self-destructive. We become driven by desires which cause us to attempt to escape our own shadow by protectively walling ourselves off. Over time, addiction leads to a complete degeneration of our health, families, finances, and future.As painful, scary, and helpless it is to be in the throws of addiction, I have good news . . . You do have a choice how you respond to addiction. In the moment, you might not be able to recognize this choice, but it’s there . . . disguised as weakness, lack of trust, and denial. There are steps – that when you choose to take them – help you to reprogram the addictive hamster wheel patterns of your subconscious mind. Just beyond the veil of the suffering addictive journey is a mind and life of faith, self-worth, and purpose.Hope begins within your heart. Own Your Power by grabbing the LifeLine. Within you already is a bright light ready and able to shine. Within you already is the ability to create real and lasting change. You are a spirit of pure love. You are loved. You are worthy. You are supported. There is deep meaning in exactly what you’re going through. Breathe.You can do this and we can help. Go for it!

Benefits of The LifeLine Course include:

  • Experience a deep dive into learning The LifeLine Technique® with Dr. Darren Weissman.
  • Create a daily LifeLine practice to bring out next greatest version of yourself in every way.
  • Becoming a master of Muscle Reflex testing. This powerful tool allows you to communicate with the subconscious mind, the ultimate communication tool for activating the power of your subconscious mind.
  • Turn portals of pain, fear & stress into the catalyst for personal evolution by connecting to your core of infinite potential.
  • Develop your in tuition and inner wisdom to align with your highest self by creating clarity of vision.
  • Connect with like-minded and like-hearted people to create heartfelt connections and enhance your ability to learn The LifeLine.

During our final webinar of the 2016 LifeLine Certification Program, one of the students, Michelle, spontaneously revealed her experience.

To make this difference in a person’s life is our purpose and because she became a Certified LifeLine Practitioner Michelle explains how SHE now creates the same impact for others.

Join us this year so that you too can experience the enormous shifts and achievements that students like Michelle accomplished.



Master The LifeLine Technique®



  • 24 weeks of LIVE + recorded webinars taught by Dr. Darren Weissman
  • 16 Multimedia Online Modules + Educational Material
  • Learning Celebrations throughout the Modules
  • Four (4) 1/2 hour Tutoring Sessions with a LifeLine Tutor
  • Access to LifeLine U Private Facebook Group, to connect with other students + support
  • LifeLine Tool Kit (for new students)
    • The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart Poster 
    • The LifeLine Technique® Travel Flow Chart 
    • LifeLine Colour Therapy Glasses 
    • 5 Elements Emotions Chart                    
    • B.O.M.B – Bring Out My Best Poster 


Become a Certified LifeLine Practitioner


Includes everything from the Gold Package plus:

  • 3 Day LIVE Course – LifeLine Bootcamp
  • 3 Day LIVE Course – Living the LifeLine
  • Celebration of Learning – Certification


  • 1 Year of Weekly LifeLine Healing Circles (Value=$936)
  • LifeLine Ignite E-Learning Course (Value=$89)
  • 50% Discount for 5 LifeLine Sessions with Dr. Darren Weissman (Value=$875)
  • How to Build your LifeLine Business in 90 Days business course (Value=$250)
  • $1800 USD in additional savings on LIVE Courses

For new students, The LifeLine Tool Kit is included containing:

  • LifeLine Colour Therapy Glasses
  • The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart Poster
  • The LifeLine Technique® Travel Flow Chart
  • 5 Elements Travel Emotion Charts



Learn The LifeLine Technque®