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  • 200 Country Club Dr., Ste D, Oak Island, NC 28465
  • 336-306-6861
  • karen@karenfullerton.com
  • www.KarenFullerton.com
  • Date of Original Certification : 05/23/2019
  • Date of Current Certification : 05/23/2019

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**PLESEE EMAIL DIRECTLY; E-MESSAGE BUTTON DOES NOT NOTIFY ME** Karen Fullerton is an energy catalyst, inspiring positive change as a passionate Certified Lifeline Practitioner! She has been a holistic energy worker and Reiki Master Teacher since 2002. Karen became a Certified Lifeline Practitioner in just over four months. "It's like it was part of my soul already. As a teacher at heart, I love that Lifeline is a self-empowering approach!" Blending Lifeline with her business and consulting background, including founding and operating a nonprofit to help sick and injured pets since 2009 and publishing her book, Sergei’s Eyes, in 2016, Karen's unique offering is to help facilitate self-growth and connection to professional and personal purpose, as well as to help pets. .

If you have a deep yearning to make a difference in the world, here’s what I can do to help you:

Karen Fullerton is an energy catalyst, inspiring positive change as a passionate Certified Lifeline Practitioner! She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Business Mentor, and author of Sergei’s Eyes; Reflections of Soul Lessons. These seemingly ad hoc talents blend into an intricate pattern of uniqueness. Like a kaleidoscope, her passions and gifts blend uniquely for each client - person or pet - to motivate, heal, and facilitate self-growth and connection to purpose. Karen's energy signature compassionately "stirs stagnancy" for those who are ready for the next greatest version of themselves. In 2002, Karen obtained her Reiki Master Teacher designation in the Usui method to focus on earth and animal energy healing, as well as to teach others this method for self-healing. In 2009, her Reiki and animal communication gifts were directed towards the 501(c)(3) nonprofit she founded in 2009, The Sergei Foundation, which funds critically sick and injured companion dogs and cats of lower-income families to obtain life-saving veterinary care. Sergei was her own Siberian Husky, who's memory was honored through the founding of this organization to compassionately serve people who cannot afford to save their pet's life, and also through her book, Sergei's Eyes; Reflections of Soul Lessons, available on Amazon. Karen graduated top of her class in her MBA program and has more than 20 years of experience in corporate marketing, entrepreneurship, and collegiate teaching. This experience, blended with holistic, spiritual learning, and energy work, gives her a balanced approach to her life and healing techniques – especially focusing on core limiting beliefs held in our light bodies that are blocking professional and personal visions for success. Water has always been a draw for Karen. Originally from Michigan, she grew up on a lake in Brighton, MI and lived on Lake Huron. She then moved to Sarasota Bay and volunteered with Mote Marine to help rehabilitate injured dolphins. Karen now lives with her husband, Phillip, by the Ocean in Oak Island, North Carolina – manifested with love and gratitude! Their “kids” are their dog, Sydney, and two cats, Samantha and Jude.


MBA, CLP, Master Reiki Teacher

Some about me

I love the ocean, animals, teaching while always learning, and to dance! My husband and I moved to Oak Island with our dog and two cats in 2018 through manifestation and are so blessed and grateful. Looking forward to my next adventure to help others manifest their own heart's desire.