Meet Dr. Darren Weissman

Dr. Darren Weissman

Darren R. Weissman, D.C. is a chiropractic holistic physician, developer of The LifeLine Technique®, and best-selling author of The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude, Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind, The Heart of the Matter, and his children’s book, The Daily Lessons of Infinite Love & Gratitude. He is a contributing author of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s best-selling book, The Healing Power of Water. Based upon his expertise of the subconscious mind and holistic health, Dr. Weissman is an international speaker in the field of consciousness. He has been featured in the films E-Motion, Making Mankind, Beyond Belief, The Truth, and the award-winning documentary, HEAL. Dr. Weissman has written for numerous magazines including Natural Health, The Huffington Post, Prevention, and InStyle. Dr. Weissman was named the Thought Leader for the United Breast Cancer Foundation and United Women’s Health Alliance. He’s been featured on Hay House Radio, with his acclaimed radio show The Heart of the Matter.

His passion is teaching people how to intentionally change the emotional programs of the subconscious mind. As a natural by-product, clients directly enhance their body’s and relationship’s natural potential to heal and thrive.

Based upon his life’s work and research, in 2002, Dr. Weissman developed The LifeLine Technique®. Since then, he established The LifeLine Center offering a diverse array of individual care services and educational course programs devoted to personal development with a collective vision of creating world peace through inner peace. The LifeLine Technique® has drawn thousands of students from all over the world where there are over 700 people who have become Certified LifeLine Practitioners in 24 countries. Dr. Darren and his team have created a Build Your Business Building Module and Coaching for those that are looking to discover their professional leading edge. In addition to The LifeLine Learning Center, Dr. Weissman is the Director of The LifeLine Wellness Center, where he and Master Certified LifeLine Practitioners serve clients of all ages via remote or in-person LifeLine sessions. He writes for magazines and blogs and maintains an international workshop and lecture schedule teaching The LifeLine Technique® via interactive online and in person courses.

Darren loves life, learning, and serving so that others can awaken to living with passion and purpose. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and business partner, Sarit, and their three children.

Dr. Darren Weissman studied at Kansas University where he received a Bachelors of Science in Human Biology. He graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1994 from the National College of Chiropractic. His post-graduate studies have included Applied Kinesiology (AK), Total Body Modification (TBM), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro- Modulation Technique (NMT), Chinese Energetic Medicine, Natural Healing, and additional intensive training in acupuncture and the Five Element Theory, Ayurvedic Medicine, Shamanism, homeopathy, magnetic therapy, and other forms of energy medicine at the Kalubowila Hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


It is The LifeLine Center’s intention and passion to guide clients and students to live fully in the present moment and to assist their bodies ability to heal and their relationships to thrive. With The LifeLine Technique® Flowchart, Muscle Reflex Testing, and the Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude, clients and students are able to learn a practical and easy to use tool for processing subconscious emotions that have been causing them to feel stuck, stressed and to struggle in life.

The LifeLine Center serves people of all ages and emotional and physical health circumstances. We seek to work with clients who are open and willing to approach health challenges as portals to a new way to care for the body and perceived relationship failures and breakdowns as feedback to create deep personal change.

Knowing and applying The LifeLine Technique empowers people to live life with intention and action, confidently choosing love in the face of fear so that healing is a natural by-product to reconnect, balance and thrive.

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How Can the Lifeline Technique Help You?

Today is a great day for a breakthrough. If not now, then when?  Grab the LifeLine and breakthrough the patterns of struggle and stress that have been keeping you stuck.  Your body and life are attempting to wake you up to high self-esteem, self-worth, and acts of self-love. You are infinitely valuable! You have what it takes to create a life of meaning and purpose. Choose to care for the most important person in the world – YOU – and change your story.

Stop holding yourself back. Stop buying into the negative thoughts in your head and the overwhelming circumstances in your life as a dead end. They are road signs here to guide you along your life path. A Stop Sign isn’t there to stop you forever. Learn how to read the truest meaning of symptoms and stress so you can navigate your life with clarity and calm confidence.

You hold the key. Allow your truest and most authentic self to emerge from within. Pain, fear, and stress are not your problem. Rather, they are a portal into the next greatest version of your mind, body, relationships, and future. Learn to listen to your heart. It always knows your next best step!

Be courageous and take action. You’ve got this!

You are worthy of a healthy, balanced, and purposeful life. We can help.

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