LifeLine Bootcamp

This in person course is open to everyone…
you do not need prior LifeLine experience to begin this journey of deep self discovery.

It takes disciplined thought and action to create sustainable change.

LifeLine Bootcamp is an experiential journey of self-discovery designed to light the way for you to reach beyond the reactive comfort zone of protection and birth your most authentic, conscious, empowered, and passionate self.

Bootcamp is a space to heal, grow, learn, and ultimately evolve from the inside out. With the foundation of The LifeLine Technique®, we’ll go deeper into the heart of the matter of what you perceive as your conscious reality – gifts in strange wrapping paper – into a breath of wisdom and guidance that is your highest self.

Our journey together will help you to recognize the difference between conscious active states of being and subconscious reactive patterns and limiting belief programs. These patterns and beliefs are powerful and when triggered become a lens of misperception, limitation, and stress. LifeLine Bootcamp will help you to rise above any stressful limitations to create a new level of awareness and balance in and among your Personal, Professional, and Family goals and aspirations.

Each day of Bootcamp will spotlight your Personal, Professional, and Family life and through a compassionate and creative process of acknowledging what’s working and what’s not working, reveal a clear pathway for owning your power so you can create and manifest positive change. Creating clarity of vision enables you to shine from within. Your deepest and truest intentions are realized here.

Hyatt Regency, Deerfield, IL
LifeLine Bootcamp
October 5 – 7, 2020

Daily Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM


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Hyatt Regency, Deerfield, IL
LifeLine Bootcamp + Living the LifeLine
October 2 – 7, 2020

Daily Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM


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Benefits of attending LifeLine Bootcamp include:

  • Experience a group LifeLine Technique® session with Dr. Darren each day, to harmonize and emerge your greatest intentions.
  • Create your personal, professional, and family vision and mission for a life you love to live.
  • Identify your subconscious masks and emotional triggers so that you can heal, grow, and evolve.
  • Transform lifelong emotionally reactive patterns so that you can realize the greatness within you.
  • Connect to your innate ability to own your power by creating clarity of vision.
  • Create personal, professional and family action steps as the catalyst for positive, long-lasting, and authentic change.

At LifeLine Bootcamp You’ll Receive:

  • The opportunity to focus on your personal, professional, and family life vision and mission, while creating an action plan.
  • Participate in a LifeLine session each day led by Dr. Darren Weissman that centers on your visions and action steps.
  • A LifeLine Bootcamp playbook where you’ll be guided to discover what’s working and not working in your personal, professional and family life and develop a conscious and intentional plan for create new growth opportunities.
  • A safe and sacred space to process your HUBS, your Hearts Unprocessed Beliefs that keep you in emotionally reactive patterns of fear and stress.

LifeLine Bootcamp is a sacred space. Within this space exists an open, free, ready, willing, able, safe, worthy, supported, deserving, available, and committed container and reflection of love for ourselves and each of the participants. We understand that there will be moments when you may feel great resistance within you to answer a question either to yourself or in front of the group.

This is the portal and space of growth that we seek. LifeLine Bootcamp will empower and inspire you to challenge the perceived limitations that we all encounter in life. You will be guided through thought and feeling provoking exercises in a safe and self-empowering way so you’re able to create a deeper sense of clarity for your soul’s purpose and vision.

The crap of life becomes the real fertilizer for growth, healing, happiness, and sustainable change. You are a champion! You are a rock star! You are a genius! You are beautiful! You are better than perfect because you are YOU!
Thank you for choosing to shine!

We’re looking forward to serving with you at the next LifeLine Bootcamp!

If you are enrolled in the LifeLine Certification Program, LifeLine Bootcamp and Living the LifeLine are included.

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