The LifeLine Celebration of Learning is the final step in completing the LifeLine Certification Program. The Celebration of Learning process is specifically created to support individuals with the confidence and skills to show up as their best selves. The Celebration of Learning is something you do for you to truly celebrate your powerful transformational journey in learning TheLifeLine Technique®.

The skills you’ll gain from committing yourself to learning and mastering The LifeLine Technique® will empower you to consciously face and embrace anything and everything that life serves you. The slow, steady, and confident process of walking your unique path of learning LifeLine will reveal and emerge a more capable version of yourself in every other area of your life. Learning LifeLine in and of itself is healing.

The Celebration of Learning consists of a written and verbal portion. You will be lovingly guided and supported by Dr. Darren and The LifeLine Center team. Congratulations for choosing to shine! As a result of learning The LifeLine Technique® – an act of self-love – you’ll find that you’re more capable of caring for those you love.

After successful completion of the LifeLine Celebration of Learning, participants will fall into one of the two following categories:

Certified in The LifeLine Technique®

  • For individuals who are using LifeLine as a daily practice for their own personal and family use
  • Being Certified in The LifeLine Technique® DOES NOT allow you to charge for Lifeline Session or claim to be a Certified LifeLine Practitioner

Certified LifeLine Practitioner (CLP)

  • For individuals who desire to professionally utilize The LineLine Technique® by building a LifeLine business and charging for LifeLine sessions
  • There are specific required guidelines to be a CLP such as signing a code of ethics, purchasing liability insurance, and recertifying every 2 years to be sure that high standard quality care is maintained

Requirements for being Certified in The LifeLine Technique®:

  • Completed course requirements for
    • LifeLine Experience
    • LifeLine Bootcamp
    • Living the LifeLine
  • Completion of The Celebration of Learning Written Part 1 Online
  • Completion of The Celebration of Learning Written Part 2 In-Person
    • Draw out the 16 steps of the LifeLine Flow Chart and answer additional questions
  • Completion of The Celebration of Learning Verbal In-Person
  • Complete and document 25 LifeLine practice sessions
    • Using Client Session Sheets
    • You are allowed to turn in 2 sessions on yourself, 2 on another individual and 2 on an animal. Session sheets are due at the time of the Celebration of Learning written portion. 50% of the sessions can be done remotely i.e. over the phone or through online meetings and the rest should be in-person sessions

Requirements for becoming a Certified LifeLine Practitioner (CLP):

  • Read and Sign the Certified LifeLine Practitioner Code of Ethics
  • Apply for and maintain Profesional Liability Insurance
    • Submitted to the LifeLine Learning Center.
  • Recertify every two (2) years through the LifeLine Learning Center

Start Your LifeLine Journey


Master The LifeLine Technique®


  • 24 weeks of LIVE + Recorded Webinars taught by Dr. Darren Weissman
  • 16 Multimedia Online Modules + Educational Material
  • Learning Celebrations throughout the Modules
  • Access to LifeLine U Private Facebook Group, to connect with other students + support
  • LifeLine Tool Kit (for new students)
    • The LifeLine Technique® Flow Chart Poster (Digital Download)
    • The LifeLine Technique® Travel Flow Chart (Digital Download)
    • LifeLine Colour Therapy Glasses 
    • 5 Elements Emotions Chart (Digital Download)                    
    • B.O.M.B – Bring Out My Best Poster (Digital Download) 


Become a Certified LifeLine Practitioner

The LifeLine Certification Program Includes EVERYTHING from LifeLine Experience PLUS:

  • 3 Day In Person LifeLine Bootcamp Course
  • 3 Day In Person Living the LifeLine Course
  • Celebration of Learning – Certification Process


  • 1 Year of Weekly LifeLine Healing Circles (Value $936 USD)
  • LifeLine Ignite Online Course (Value $89 USD)
  • 50% Discount for 5 LifeLine Sessions with Dr. Darren Weissman (Value $875 USD)
  • How to Build your LifeLine Business in 90 Days Business course (Value $250 USD)